ARMCO Introduces Mortgage QC Benchmarking Solution

ARMCO has introduced a new business intelligence tool that will, for the first time, allow mortgage professionals to benchmark quality control (QC) results against industry peers.

Dubbed ACES Analytics, the benchmarking service is now available to ARMCO clients and will be open to participation from all lenders by the fourth quarter, the company reports.

ACES Analytics not only gives lenders deeper insight into industry trends related to loan quality, it lets them compare the quality of their loans to those of their competitors and peers.

Loans can be compared based on overall quality, defect rates, government-sponsored enterprise exception categories, loan type, geography and other criteria.

‘We are pleased to bring ACES Analytics to the residential mortgage market and offer business leaders powerful ways to visualize their own loan quality as it compares with their contemporaries,’ says Avi Naider, chairman and CEO for ARMCO, in a release. ‘By opening up ACES Analytics to the entire industry, ARMCO can make a tremendous contribution to improving overall loan quality and, at the same time, improve the breadth and scope of the platform for all participants.’

At the core of ACES Analytics is technology that aggregates and normalizes data across participants in a highly secure environment that involves no transmission of personally identifiable information and completely protects lender anonymity.

‘We've made the investment and leveraged technology on behalf of the mortgage industry that enables users to spot patterns, identify trends and discover visual insights within seconds,’ adds Jeremy Burcham, chief operating officer for ARMCO. ‘The goal is to empower QC leaders to achieve higher loan integrity with less struggle.

‘For example, perhaps you'd like to know your Federal Housing Administration defect rate in Florida as it contrasts to your peers,’ Burcham adds. ‘Any lender will be able to derive such insight by participating in ACES Analytics. You will be able to load anonymous data, which we will help you standardize, and then you can share, compare and analyze – regionally, nationally, by loan type and more within clicks. It's self-service analytics, and participation is free.’

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