Asteroom Debuts Desktop Product for Appraisal Management Firms


Asteroom Inc. has launched its new nationwide desktop appraisal data collection service to fully enable the new property valuation method, called desktop appraisal, endorsed and approved by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that started on March 19.

The complete solution in support of desktop appraisals does not require an appraiser’s physical inspection. Asteroom’s national desktop appraisal data collection service features the company’s proprietary 3D tour and floor plan technology to document interior and exterior visual and dimensional data for residential properties.

Appraisal management companies (AMC) and appraisers can receive ANSI-compliant 2D floor plans with GLA calculations and a complete 3D tour of the interior and exterior, including street view shots, within 24 hours. The unique national desktop appraisal data collection solution mobilizes Asteroom’s network of realtors, who have real estate knowledge and property access, to collect the data using Asteroom’s smartphone-enabled 3D tour kits.

“We are expediting the appraisal process with many of our initial desktop assignments being completed in three days start-to-finish,” comments Asteroom CEO Eric Tsai. “The property can be visited the same day the order is placed so that data is provided to the appraiser the next day. By serving as the “onsite eyes” of the appraiser, we are able to give them confidence in their valuation while also increasing their efficiency and volume by eliminating travel and inspection time.”

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