ATPR Introduces SmartFlow Solution For Title Agents

American Tax and Property Reporting Inc. (ATPR), a technology-based solutions provider for the real estate and settlement services industry, has launched its SmartFlow platform, a workflow solution designed for title agents and settlement services firms.

‘SmartFlow is the first independently produced end-to-end workflow solution for back-office title operations,’ says Shannon Cobb, executive vice president of ATPR. ‘Leveraging SmartFlow, ATPR can take over all the tasks involved in a title back-office, right from order entry to printing the final commitment report. With its integration to the title agent's production platform, the final report would appear exactly as if it were prepared in the title agent's facilities.’

Cobb adds that SmartFlow covers both insured and uninsured title products.

According to Alok Datta, president of ATPR, SmartFlow is ‘underwriter-agnostic’ and customizable so that each agent and underwriter is able to adhere to his or her specific guidelines.


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