Bank Of America Settles Maternity Discrimination Charge

Bank Of America Settles Maternity Discrimination Charge Bank of America has agreed to pay up to $161,180 to settle allegations that one of the bank's branches in San Jose, Calif., refused to refinance the mortgage of an Irvine woman because she was on maternity leave. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reached the agreement with Bank of America to resolve a Fair Housing Act complaint that had been filed by the Fair Housing Council of Orange County (FHCOC).

According to a statement issued by HUD, the woman told the FHCOC that in December 2009, a Bank of America agent offered her a 5% interest rate for a home refinance loan, with no costs or fees. But in January 2010, after she had applied for the loan and supplied the necessary documents, the bank allegedly refused to process her application because she was on maternity leave.

In her complaint, the woman alleged that a bank agent told her that she would have to return to work full-time in order for her loan to be approved. Even after she informed the bank that she received the same rate of pay and benefits while on maternity leave, the bank would not process her application. In March 2010, the bank finally approved the woman's application, but by that time the interest rate on her loan had increased to 5.25%, making each loan payment higher.

Under the terms of the settlement, Bank of America will pay $30,000 to the woman, $16,180 to her attorney, and $15,000 to FHCOC. The bank will also create a $100,000 Compensation Fund to pay damages to loan applicants or borrowers who may have been denied a loan, subjected to adverse loan terms, or had their loan applications delayed because they were pregnant or on maternity leave. In addition, the bank is requiring all of its loan officers nationwide to complete annual fair lending training.

‘We regret our treatment of the applicant,’ says a bank spokesperson. ‘We take our fair lending responsibilities very seriously and will work with HUD to ensure our customers on maternity leave are treated appropriately during the mortgage application process.’


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