FormFree’s AccountChek Now Integrated with BeSmartee’s Digital POS Platform


FormFree‘s AccountChek automated asset verification service – which enables borrowers to demonstrate their ability to repay loans by sharing financial data directly with lenders instead of mailing, faxing or emailing traditional asset account statements – is now integrated with BeSmartee‘s next-generation mortgage point-of-sale (POS) platform.

BeSmartee’s customizable, Web-based platform gives loan officers a more efficient digital origination process and improves the mortgage experience for borrowers by giving them greater guidance and control.

AccountChek, meanwhile, reduces loan processing and underwriting times and allows lenders to close loans days faster, the firm says in a release.

The integration allows lenders to customize where they bring AccountChek into the origination workflow. The AccountChek Asset Report can be ordered by loan officers with a single click – or borrowers can initiate asset verification as an easy, self-service process.

“By incorporating AccountChek as a point-of-sale process, BeSmartee helps lenders move loans into initial underwriting very quickly, which can cut days off time-to-close,” says Arvin Sahakian, co-founder of BeSmartee. “And because our partnerships with trusted Day 1 Certainty vendors like FormFree are ready out-of-the-box, BeSmartee’s onboarding process is weeks shorter than competitors’.”

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