Black Knight: Home Prices Increased 1.0% In April

U.S. home prices increased 1.0% in April compared with March and increased 5.4% compared with April 2015, according to Black Knight Financial Services’ home price index report.

The average price for a single-family home, nationwide, was about $260,000, according to the mortgage software firm’s data. That’s an increase of about 2.9% compared with the peak in June 2006. It’s also up 30.4% compared with the market’s bottom in 2010.

For the third consecutive month, Washington led all states in terms of home price appreciation, increasing 1.9% compared with March.

The report shows that some markets have been slower to recover than others. For example, although Arizona and Florida have seen their home prices increase nearly 45% and 43%, respectively, from the national market’s bottom, each is still about 24% off its peak.


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