Black Knight Integrates With New GSE Tools In Support Of UCD

Black Knight Financial Services reports that its LoanSphere Empower and LoanSphere LendingSpace loan origination systems can now be directly integrated with the latest government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) technology solutions and data collection tools in support of the Uniform Closing Dataset (UCD).

Specifically, these Black Knight systems can now be directly integrated with Fannie Mae’s business-to-business integration platform, as well as several of the tools in Freddie Mac’s Loan Advisor Suite, including Loan Closing Advisor, Loan Product Advisor and Loan Quality Advisor.

Black Knight says these integrations will enhance lenders’ mortgage loan sale and purchase operations and help them more effectively meet investor requirements.

In addition, the software firm is developing a collaborative gateway to facilitate the transfer of data between retail/wholesale lenders and correspondent lenders that use LendingSpace. By facilitating secure, systematic and instantaneous transfer of loan data and documents to LendingSpace, lenders can automate manual processes, save time, improve data consistency and reduce errors.

“The technology integrations we are delivering for Empower and LendingSpace support our comprehensive approach to provide clients with the broadest connections between systems,” says Jerry Halbrook, president of Black Knight Origination Technologies, in a release. “These integrations will help lenders optimize operational efficiencies and originate high-quality loans that meet investor guidelines.”


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