Black Knight Releases New End-to-End Digital Close Fulfillment Solution


Black Knight has released a new end-to-end digital mortgage solution that streamlines and expedites the closing process.

The new solution, called Expedite Close, supports the needs of all users – settlement agents, lenders, real estate agents, investors and consumers – without the need for significant changes to current business processes, the company says in a press release.

It leverages Black Knight’s existing electronic signature and document fulfillment platforms and expands its workflow, decisioning and automation to deliver an end-to-end hybrid and full digital close solution that can be deployed incrementally.

The first phase of Expedite Close – part of Black Knight’s LoanSphere suite of solutions – will be available later this year.

The solution provides an electronic closing fulfillment process, enabling seamless and secure online interactions between the real estate agent, lender, settlement agent and consumer from contract through closing.

Black Knight says it is flexible enough to meet the unique process requirements and business needs of each participant along the way.

“What sets Expedite Close apart from other e-closing solutions is that it’s built to support the needs of all users – settlement agents, lenders, real estate agents, consumers and investors – providing them with the capabilities to do what they need to do, when they need to do it, in a way that doesn’t call for significant changes to current business processes,” says Tom Peterson, president of Black Knight’s Lending Solutions division. “Because it does so in a way that is entirely ‘agnostic’ to existing platforms, this is more than a solution. With Expedite Close, Black Knight is building an industry utility.”

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