BlackFin Group Adds Verification Solutions Provider Argyle as Preferred Partner


Mortgage technology consultancy BlackFin Group has added verification solutions provider Argyle to its Preferred Partners program.

Vetted by an independent team of industry experts with more than 150 years of experience in financial services, Preferred Partners are peer-recommended by BlackFin Group for their proven ability to help banks, lenders and mortgage servicers achieve their business goals.

Argyle’s automated income and employment verification platform empowers mortgage lenders to auto-retrieve paystubs and W-2s, verify income and employment and qualify for Day 1 Certainty.

“Choosing the right technology partner is always challenging, especially in the financial services sector where the regulatory stakes are high and the customer experience is mission-critical,” says John Hardesty, general manager of Argyle’s mortgage division, in a release. “We understand why so many banks, mortgage lenders and servicers turn to BlackFin group for help identifying partners they can rely on, and we are proud to be recognized as BlackFin’s recommended provider of income and employment verification.”

Photo: FlyD

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