Blend Adds Tool to Help Mortgage LOs Deliver Pre-Approvals Faster


Mortgage software firm Blend recently introduced a new tool that enables loan officers to communicate with prospects and customers via their preferred channels.

The new tool, dubbed Pre-approval Builder, helps LOs work quickly and efficiently, while providing superior customer service, the company says in a release.

It offers an intuitive interface from which LOs can seamlessly guide a borrower toward a mortgage pre-approval.

In a single toolbar, LOs have access to tools that make it easy to know what’s next on their to-do list.

Other features include:

  • Pulling credit and reviewing liabilities and monthly expenses to calculate DTI in real time;
  • Viewing relevant products and rates through direct integration with pricing engines;
  • Estimating closing costs with direct integration to fee sources;
  • Running scenarios through AUS to determine eligibility; and
  • Generating and sending a pre-approval letter to the borrower and/or real estate agent.

Blend’s Self-serve Pre-approval workflow, combined with Pre-approval Builder, are the building blocks for the company’s One-tap Pre-Approval for Mortgage, a vision for delivering the simplest mortgage approval ever.

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