Bloomberg To Offer Reis Commercial Property Data

11755_tech Bloomberg To Offer Reis Commercial Property Data New York-based Reis Inc. has announced that its commercial real estate information will now be available to subscribers of the Bloomberg Professional service.

According to Reis, Bloomberg's 310,000 subscribers will have access to Reis' proprietary supply, demand and price data for apartment, office, retail and industrial properties for the nation's largest metropolitan areas. Every quarter, Reis will generate a subset of its fundamentals data to assist fixed income and equity investment professionals, direct investors, real estate investment trusts and corporate real estate executives in making decisions about their existing portfolios and potential future real estate investments.

‘This is a watershed moment in our strategy to put Reis' property and market information, as well as our analytics – long relied upon by the nation's top commercial real estate executives – on the desktops of investors and real estate professionals throughout the world,’ says REIS CEO Lloyd Lynford. ‘The combination of the Reis brand and the Bloomberg platform represents a meaningful advance for commercial real estate as that asset class competes for a greater share of global capital flows.’


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