Bradford Technologies Launches Social Distancing Solution For Home Appraisers


Bradford Technologies, a provider of appraisal technology solutions, has launched OnSight, a web-based application that enables appraisers to adhere to social distancing protocols while collecting property data remotely with the homeowner’s assistance. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, housing finance regulators are allowing temporary flexibilities to appraisal inspections and reporting requirements, such as providing appraisers with authorization to use and rely on third-party data – including homeowner supplied data. OnSight facilitates this flexibility and provides time-stamped, geocoded authenticated photos and information to the appraiser.

“We are aware that there are appraisers performing interior inspections even though it’s a dangerous time to do so,” says Jeff Bradford, CEO at Bradford Technologies, in a release. “Because the coronavirus is so contagious and people can be infected but asymptomatic, appraisers could be inadvertently acting like bees pollenating an orchard—in this case spreading the virus as they go from house-to-house doing inspections. OnSight keeps both appraisers and homeowners safe by enabling appraisals to be completed without any person-to-person contact.” 

Using a link that is unique to them, the homeowner activates OnSight and is led through a series of questions about their property, such as when the home was last upgraded, the age of the roof, and the last time the house was painted. There are certain required photos, but a homeowner can take as many photos as needed to fully show the home’s features.

“Our goal is to protect the health of appraisers and homeowners and to keep mortgage transactions moving on pace as our entire industry continues to work remotely.” Bradford says. “Additionally, the information collected is sent directly to the appraiser, maintaining privacy.”

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