Bringing It All Back Home: Nationstar Onshores Call Centers

Nationstar Mortgage says it has moved its international call center operations back to the U.S., creating 500 new jobs and bringing customer service closer to the company’s more than 3 million customers.

Moving all call center operations onshore represents one of the key investments the company is making to improve the customer experience.

“Our customers shared with us that speaking to U.S.-based representatives would make their service experience better, so we prioritized that feedback and have invested in moving all of our call center operations back to the United States,” says Jay Bray, chairman and CEO of Nationstar.

“Our goal is to deliver unmatched care and service to our customers day in and day out, and we believe this investment will have a meaningful impact on our customers and their home loan experience,” he says.

Nationstar’s on-shoring efforts are part of a larger customer-centric transformation in the course of the company’s official rebrand to “Mr. Cooper,” which will become official in August. After extensive research and testing, Mr. Cooper was selected as the new brand name to personify the next generation of home servicing and lending for the company. It represents a more personal relationship customers can have with their home loan provider.

Nationstar began its transition to an entirely U.S.-based customer service call center operation by opening a new call center in Longview, Texas, in 2016. In addition to Longview, Nationstar also operates customer service call centers in Dallas and Chandler, Ariz. While the international call center was managed by an outside vendor, all U.S. call centers are operated by Nationstar team members.


  1. Watch that Nationstar doesn’t misplace your mortgage payment and swear that the funds were returned for insufficient funds although when they Inquire the bank and they put money on hold and that confirmation number you are given from Nationstar , That is the confirmation number given to mortgager . Watch your back !!!!


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