Caliber Home Loans Launches New Mobile Platform


National lender Caliber Home Loans has launched a new mobile platform that allows borrowers and other participants in a mortgage transaction to receive real-time information throughout the process.

The software comes in three different versions. Caliber Home Loans for borrowers allows borrowers to search for a local loan consultant and, after applying for a mortgage, to check their application’s status and upload additional loan documents if requested. Once the loan closes, borrowers can view their account info, make payments and set up recurring payments. In addition, they can edit their profile, view their escrow account and payment history, and request removal of private mortgage insurance.

CaliberH2O for sales staff and brokers is designed to help Caliber’s loan officers, wholesale account executives, approved brokers and non-delegated clients to search for appropriate loan products, as well as to price and lock loans and access off-sheet pricing. After a loan application enters the pipeline, these users can view the loan’s contacts, key dates, loan conditions, status and disclosure history.

Caliber MyPipeline allows real estate agents and builders to track their shared Caliber loan pipeline while out of the office. They can view each loan’s status, key dates, contacts and comments and even view all loan notifications for their entire pipeline in a single screen. They may also search for LOs, view their info and contact them via email, phone or SMS in a few taps, and invite borrowers or potential borrowers to download the Caliber Home Loans mobile app.

“We customized each of these new mobile apps to provide user-friendly access to all touch points in the mortgage system,” says Sanjiv Das, CEO of Caliber Home Loans, in a release. “This greatly increases the efficiency of the process and will help us close loans even faster. And we’re well aware that today’s consumers prefer to manage their finances via cell phone whenever possible.

“Caliber’s investment in technology extends beyond our customers to our own loan professionals and business partners,” he adds. “Now each group has their own apps that plugs them into an interconnected digital platform that includes secure sharing of data with customers.”

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