Calyx Now Offering Portfolio, Correspondent Versions Of Its Pricer PPE

Calyx Software reports that it has developed separate versions of its Pricer Product & Pricing Engine for portfolio lenders with their own rate sheets (Custom Pricer) and originators looking for investor pricing supplied by Calyx (Investor Pricer).

Using these new versions, users of Calyx Point can eliminate multiple logins, loan program templates and the need to rekey data. The bidirectional data flow simplifies processes and improves accuracy and efficiency, the company says in a press release. Users can locate the best deals for their clients, see the street price for borrowers, and lock or float rates and their loans.

“Having all loan products in one place, with the ability to check the loan levels for each and see any adjustments, keeps our team on track at all times,” says Bob Dougherty, vice president of mortgage operations for Merchants Bank and a Pricer user for years. “Pricer has sped up production and reduced errors, which helps our originators be more efficient and profitable.”

Loan originators can price scenarios instantly and correctly in both versions without using paper, and only eligible rate cards and programs are visible to users, Calyx Software says. Rate and fee information, including loan level price adjustments, are automatically imported into loan files. Pricer also sends, tracks and preserves every rate quote and lock request.


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