Calyx Software Adds PPE To Network

San Jose, Calif.-based Calyx Software, a provider of loan marketing, originating and processing software, has added a product and pricing engine (PPE) category to the Calyx Network, connecting users of Calyx Point loan origination software to participating PPE vendors. The new category is accessed within Calyx Point's interfaces menu and includes six new companies offering PPE services.

According to Calyx Software, the PPE category allows mortgage brokers and bankers to request a product and pricing decision from their preferred lenders and investors without leaving the loan file in Point. By directly accessing borrower credit information and utilizing the credit analysis tools provided by PPE vendors within the Calyx Network, brokers can review multiple credit scenarios to accurately determine a borrower's eligibility. The pricing information then allows brokers to decide the best product to offer a borrower.

The new category currently includes six companies specializing in product and pricing engines: Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.-based Broker Buddy; New York-based eStyle Software; Atlanta-based Lender Flex; Little Chute, Wis.-based Loan Sifter; Mt. Arlington, N.J.-based NYLX; and Plano, Texas-based Optimal Blue.


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