Calyx Software Releases Point And Point Central v7.0

Calyx Software, a provider of loan marketing, originating, processing and banking software, has released version 7.0 of both Point and PointCentral.

Point version 7.0 provides a number of new capabilities to improve workflow and increase loan productivity, including central document image storage capabilities for e-loan purposes, as well as enhancements to banking screens, title and escrow interfaces, and the addition of a new Federal Housing Administration (FHA) statutory worksheet, Calyx notes.

With the document image storage feature, Point automatically encrypts, compresses and associates each document with a loan file, regardless of whether the document is single or one of a group, from within Point or one of its interfaces, or from outside of Point. Externally generated documents can be scanned and imported, or dragged and dropped, into the Point file, while maintaining an audit trail for each document that shows who created it, what it contains, and the date and time it was created.

The enhanced banker screens increase clarity in documentation tracking and reporting, Calyx says. Title and escrow interfaces have been directly embedded into Point 7.0, and the software now also includes a worksheet enabling brokers and lenders to perform statutory required calculations and document them in the loan origination file, in order to comply with FHA requirements.

PointCentral provides all the functionality of the Point program but also allows remote users to access all loan documentation via a secured Internet connection and gives customers the ability to apply field-level rules and conditions for quality and compliance purposes, Calyx adds.

SOURCE: Calyx Software


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