CampusMBA Unveils Interactive Mortgage Management Simulation


CampusMBA, the education division of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), has unveiled its Advanced Interactive Mortgage Management (AIMM) simulation, which debuted as part of the School of Mortgage Banking III in Chicago.

AIMM is a stand-alone simulation that replicates the experience of running a mortgage lending operation. The product allows participants to analyze the financial structure of a mortgage banking firm and the relationship between operating policies and profitability, the MBA explains. The simulation incorporates industry trends and current economic indices, along with necessary operational expenditures.

Through the AIMM simulation module, users have the opportunity to make strategic decisions based on these various factors and seek to maximize the profitability of the lending operation. CampusMBA will license AIMM's use to organizations that want to use it for internal training purposes.

Source: Mortgage Bankers Association

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