Capmark Partners With CampusMBA To Certify Commercial Servicing Staff

CampusMBA, the educational division of the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA), has formed a commercial servicing training partnership with Capmark, a global commercial loan services provider. The training initiative will cover nearly all of Capmark's U.S. commercial servicing staff in nine offices across the country as well as its employees in the company's offices in Ireland and India who service U.S. loans. Upon completion, Capmark staff will earn the Commercial Mortgage Servicer (CMS) designation.

‘CampusMBA is eager to partner with Capmark on this large-scale training initiative to educate its exceptional commercial servicing staff,’ says John Courson, chief operating officer of MBA. ‘We at MBA equate professional education with real-world business results and will work with Capmark's staff to achieve these positive and measurable results through CampusMBA's commercial CMS program.’

According to CampusMBA, the commercial CMS signifies a professional's superior knowledge, experience and professional conduct in the servicing of commercial mortgage loans. The designation program consists of three levels of training, including the achievement certificate (level I), professional certificate (level II) and the specialist designation (level III). Successful completion all three levels earns the professional the CMS designation.

Source: MBA


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