CARCLE, NJCDLP Launch Anti-Fraud Campaign

Congress Against Racism and Corruption in Law Enforcement (CARCLE) and National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project Inc. (NJCDLP) have started a public awareness campaign to promote early detection, prevention and prosecution as appropriate of predatory lending and mortgage fraud schemes as well as related misuses of federal funds. Their efforts will begin at the forefront of mortgage fraud in the U.S., which statistics suggest is Fulton County, Ga.

CARCLE and NJCDLP will identify and count on a national basis the accessible borrower victims of predatory lending, mortgage fraud, and/or fraudulent foreclosures. Potential referral sources will be encouraged to print and distribute prescribed promotional material extending the option for likely victims to describe their relevant difficulties to CARCLE/NJCDLP agents, the organizations explain.

The potential referral sources will also be invited to co-sponsor, co-develop and otherwise help implement some form of public awareness program on predatory lending and mortgage fraud for their constituents or in their service area with CARCLE and NJCDLP.

State and federal law enforcement agencies, banks, mortgage companies, real estate professionals, Fannie Mae and other relevant parties will be recruited to join the task force.


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