China Home Prices Forecast To Rise 105% By 2025

12995_flag_of_the_peoples_republic_of_china.svg China Home Prices Forecast To Rise 105% By 2025 The average home price in China is forecast to rise to $1,640 per square meter by 2025, according to a new forecast issued by Jefferies Hong Kong.

The South Morning China Post reports that the new forecast marks a 105.16% from the 2011 average home price of $800 per square meter.

‘From 2013 to 2025, we expect the national housing price to grow slightly below GDP (at five-percent compound annual growth rate), capped by government tightening measures,’ says the Jefferies Hong Kong forecast.

Separately, Alan Jin, property analyst at Mizuho Securities Asia, is forecasting that the average selling price of Chinese homes will grow 10% this year, compared to 5% growth last year. Jin predicts a 10% to 15% growth in China's major urban markets, with a 10% growth in the nation's second-tier cities and a 5% to 10% increase in the rest of the country.


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