Clopton Capital Begins Marketing Fixed Annuities

Clopton Capital Begins Marketing Fixed Annuities Clopton Capital, a Chicago-based commercial mortgage provider, has begun marketing fixed annuities via a partnership with the online life insurance broker

As part of the partnership, Clopton Capital's website will be promoted and syndicated through as a compliment to their already existing life insurance quote service. This website will provide immediate quotes on fixed-rate annuities without the need for consumers to enter personal information. Prospects that choose to enter their information into the contact form will have their data forwarded exclusively to's staff.

‘We think that a lot of affluent investors out there are looking for security in their long term investments, and this is exactly what fixed annuities provide,’ says Jake Clopton, president of Clopton Capital. ‘When there is a guaranteed interest rate being paid, the customer knows exactly what the fund will be worth in the coming years.’


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