Coester Appraisal Group Announces Name Change

11800_brian-coester_86565 Coester Appraisal Group Announces Name Change Rockville, Md.-based Coester Appraisal Group has announced that it is changing its name to CoesterVMS.

According to the company, the new name was selected to better brand the company's expanded line of valuation management services, which includes what the company describes as the industry's first ‘assisted self-service’ option in which CoesterVMS provides appraisal management services in addition to managing the lender's appraiser panel.

‘We're changing the way that the mortgage industry handles appraisals,’ says Brian Coester, CEO of CoesterVMS (pictured left). ‘Lenders need ways to stay compliant without upsetting their ecosystems or their budgets. No one was addressing their needs, so we stepped up to the plate.’


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