Comergence Releases Fifth Generation Of Its Software

Comergence, a provider of third-party originator and appraiser Safe Act compliance software systems, has launched the fifth generation of its software at the 2015 Mortgage Bankers Association conference in San Diego.

The company's proprietary platform offers an up-to-date database of over 400,000 records on every licensed mortgage originator in the country so that lenders can easily approve, monitor and manage their relationships with loan originators.

‘Comergence is designed to help lenders comply with the Dodd-Frank Safe Act regulations more effectively and efficiently,’ says Greg Schroeder, president of Comergence.

‘Toward that end, the enhancements to our platform increase the software's efficiencies and deliver brand-new levels of flexibility. We're particularly excited that our system can now be used with mobile tablets and smart phones,’ he adds.

According to the company, more alert notices are now available so that lenders can manage and identify risks associated with their organization's risk appetite or policies. Further, the platform offers a streamlined, intuitive interface that facilitates better navigation for system users.


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