Commercial Defeasance Forms Custom Hedging Solutions


Commercial Defeasance LLC has created Custom Hedging Solutions LLC. The new venture is designed help real estate companies manage their interest rate risk through the use of derivative products such as interest rate swaps, caps and options.

‘Our professionals have not only advised about hedging, but have traded and marketed derivatives for and with many leading derivative providers,’ notes Jennifer Imler, managing director of Custom Hedging Solutions. ‘We have a broad knowledge of derivative products and hedge providers in the market that we can leverage for the benefit of our customers.’

Prior to leading the new hedging team, Imler traded and marketed derivative products at Wachovia for over seven years. While at Wachovia, she also worked on the commercial mortgage trading desk, hedging a multibillion-dollar conduit warehouse and structuring derivatives into CMBS transactions.

Source: Commercial Defeasance

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