Computershare Loan Services Continues Sagent Loan Servicing Agreement


Sagent, a fintech company focused on mortgage and consumer loan servicing for banks and lenders, has announced an agreement extension with Computershare Loan Services, a third-party mortgage servicer.

Under the six-year agreement, Computershare Loan Services will continue to use Sagent’s loan servicing platform, LoanServ, and add the use of its LoanBoard platform, which automates onboarding of loan servicing at any scale. In addition, Computershare will evaluate Sagent’s servicing solutions – such as CARE Enterprise and the Sagent Claims platform – to power customer success for servicers, create the best consumer experience and further streamline the loss mitigation process for non-performing loans.

“Sagent’s fintech solutions allow our customer service teams to manage quick, ‘one call’ outcomes for complex borrower requests, create seamless loan onboarding workflows and automate high-volume tasks,” says Jeff Johnson, COO of Computershare Loan Services in the U.S. “We ensure our teams have access to the best technology so that they can continue to deliver outstanding customer service throughout the lifecycle of the mortgage, and Sagent forms an important part of our work.”

LoanServ powers fast, precise onboarding of mortgages, HELOCs and consumer loans to maintain real-time compliance and make new borrowers happy on day one. It handles real-time, daily servicing activities on more than $1 trillion in outstanding loan balances and is the only major servicing platform that handles mortgage and non-mortgage assets.

“Computershare Loan Services is one of the highest-rated sub-servicers in America because they truly understand the technicals of mortgage and non-mortgage servicing at both the enterprise and consumer levels,” adds Dan Sogorka, CEO and president of Sagent.

By eliminating multi-day processes, enabling self-serve customer care and providing real-time data, LoanServ and Sagent’s other platforms set the digital servicing standard for investors, regulators and borrowers.

Sagent Claims provides a single, cloud-based claims management solution for preparing, validating and filing all investor and insurer claims, which drastically simplifies a complex and resource-intensive process for servicers.

Sagent’s configurable servicing platforms help Computershare Loan Services to keep its clients’ customers and borrowers smart, fast and aligned with today’s real-time regulations, markets and consumer expectations.

Image: Photo by Dillon Kydd on Unsplash

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