CoreLogic Expands Single-Family Rental Suite To Aid Investors

In order to help facilitate investment decisions on rental properties and provide additional transparency for investors and lenders seeking to capitalize on the emerging rental securitization class, CoreLogic is expanding its Single-Family Rental (SFR) suite of information products and services.

The property data analytics firm reports that it has added a Rent Amount Model that estimates SFR fair market rent. It has also added a new data set – RentalTrends – that provides aggregated time series trends data, such as capitalization rates, rent amount and rent per square foot for single-family rental properties.

Rental Trends offers coverage as broad as the national level and as granular as individual ZIP codes. The SFR suite consists of a range of data products including automated valuation models, broker price opinion validation tools, and home price indexes and forecasts.Â

In addition to its data products, CoreLogic also provides ‘boots on the ground’ asset management services, including property inspection and property preservation, eviction and relocation assistance services, such as ‘Cash for Keys,’ property tax, homeowners association and escrow services.


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