CoreLogic Introduces New Tax Solution for Mortgage Servicers


CoreLogic has introduced DigitalTax Connect, a solution to streamline certain mortgage servicer operations by enabling access to real-time tax data.

The new API suite can be integrated with servicers’ existing solutions to upgrade the customer experience and streamline workflow efficiency. It facilitates access to tax payment information, tax payment history and customer service status.

As per a company press release, the solution is designed to achieve the following: 

  • Real-time Tax Payment Amount and Status: DigitalTax Connect grants mortgage servicers instant access to the most accurate and reliable tax payment information available. By eliminating manual tracking and inquiries, this feature saves time, minimizes errors and improves the customer experience.
  • Seamless Customer Service Status Updates: Mortgage servicers gain real-time visibility into customer service statuses. This empowers them to proactively address concerns, track progress, resolve disputes and provide timely updates to borrowers. Effective communication and prompt resolution contribute to a higher level of customer satisfaction.
  • Improved Workflow Efficiency: CoreLogic’s DigitalTax Connect seamlessly integrates with servicers’ internal systems allowing servicers to create additional margin in their workflows.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: By equipping mortgage servicers with accurate and real-time information, DigitalTax Connect enables personalized and proactive customer service. Servicers can promptly address inquiries and concerns related to tax payment amounts and status, creating a positive and engaging experience for borrowers.

“The CoreLogic Tax Servicing Data API is another step in our mission to put people at the center of the mortgage industry,” says Jay Shafer, executive, servicing and payment solutions at CoreLogic. “DigitalTax Connect, alongside our comprehensive suite of tax servicing and portfolio monitoring solutions, are designed to meet the needs of servicers and ultimately enhance the customer experience and operational efficiency.”

“By leveraging real-time tax payment information and customer service updates, our solutions empower mortgage servicers to deliver exceptional service and achieve significant workflow improvements,” Shafer adds.

There are many ways in which integration of CoreLogic’s DigitalTax Connect can improve processes, including leveraging it in interactive voice response systems, for personalized assistance through automated phone interactions, and creating access to real-time updates for customers on mortgage-servicer website and mobile apps.

Photo: Jon Tyson

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