Corporate Settlement Solutions Announces Enhanced Integration with GridBase


Corporate Settlement Solutions (CSS), a provider of commercial and residential real estate settlement solutions, has enhanced its integration with GridBase, the universal application program interface (API) for lender and title collaboration.

With this enhanced integration, lenders will be able to improve efficiencies within home equity lending. The CSS home equity solution taps GridBase technology to allow lenders to order CSS property reports, flood zone determinations and recordings directly within the Encompass LOS platform, reducing the time required for manual order entry and improving delivery times. 

Peoples Bank, a regional bank headquartered in Marietta, Ohio, with $9.3 billion in assets, is already using the new solution, CSS says in a release. 

By reducing the time required for manual order entry and delivering property reports directly into a lender’s e-folder, the integration will help streamline the home equity origination process and reduce the overall loan production costs.  

“U.S. homeowners currently have more than $11 trillion in tappable home equity and are willing to use home equity products to increase their personal liquidity while preserving their historically low first-mortgage interest rates,” says Ashley Jelinek, CEO of Corporate Settlement Solutions, in the release. “Our integration with GridBase provides a fast, efficient title-lite solution that home equity lenders can access without ever leaving the Encompass environment.”

“Given the no- or low-cost economics of home equity originations, the greater efficiencies that technology can deliver often translate into improved margins,” adds Ryan Peterson, president of GridBase. “We’re pleased to work with forward-looking title providers, like CSS, to enhance the home equity experience for our joint clients and their customers.”

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