Corporate Settlement Solutions Appoints Ashley Jelinek CEO


Ashley Jelinek is the new CEO of Corporate Settlement Solutions (CSS), a regional provider of residential and commercial real estate settlement solutions.

With the new appointment, Jerome Jelinek, the company’s founder and CEO, will become chairman. 

Ashley had been chief operating officer of CSS since 2015. In her new role, she will be responsible for leading the company’s growth initiatives and setting the strategic direction. She will also continue to oversee the valuation, title and closing operations along with the company’s administrative departments.

Prior to joining CSS, Ashley was a consultant with Bain & Company where she advised companies in the medical, hospitality and insurance industries. 

“Ashley has consistently demonstrated that she has the management and operational expertise needed to carry out CSS’ strategic vision and to propel the company into its next phase,” says Jerome Jelinek, in a release. “I am looking forward to continuing to collaborate with Ashley as she takes over the leadership of CSS and excited to see what comes next.” 

“I’m thrilled to take on this new role at this important time for the company. At CSS we pride ourselves on our operational excellence, proactive and responsive customer support and extensive industry experience,” adds Ashley Jelinek. “With the opportunity to expand CSS offerings, the company is on a clear path toward unparalleled success. I am honored to carry on the family legacy and lead the organization on this journey.”

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