Credco Introduces Automated SSN Verification Tool

First American Credco, a provider of credit reporting solutions, has introduced ProScan SSN, a fully automated online solution for verifying applicant Social Security numbers (SSNs) directly through the Social Security Administration office.

Lenders and brokers can use the tool to verify an applicant's name, date of birth and SSN online. ProScan SSN delivers the results in real time and allows users to receive credit data and SSN information simultaneously, Credco says.
"With the increased scrutiny on the timeliness and quality of reliable loans, we are pleased to introduce this fully automated SSN verification solution to help streamline the lending process," says John Bauer, executive vice president of business development for First American Credco. "As part of our overall suite of fraud and compliance solutions, ProScan SSN delivers a convenient, reliable method for obtaining instant match results on an applicant's Social Security number."

SOURCE: First American CREDCO


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