Credit Plus Now Offering Reps And Warranties Coverage For Clients

Credit Plus, a provider of intelligent insight for mortgage professionals, recently announced that it is offering expansive reps and warranties coverage to lenders that use its verification services.

The goal is to give lenders access to extra protection against possible loan defaults through funding and beyond, the company says in a release.

The coverage allows lenders to better defend their companies against the negative financial consequences of a possible loan default and the resulting repurchase requests.

“Our coverage is not limited to just a few products,” says Greg Holmes, national director of sales and marketing at Credit Plus. “Rather, it extends across our comprehensive line of verification offerings. And, our customers can obtain it today. No special technology integrations are needed to attain this protection.”

The reps and warrants coverage is available on Credit Plus’ full suite of verification products including its tri-merged credit reports and trended credit data.

“Recently Fannie Mae announced that it is providing certain reps and warranties waivers to lenders who use specific validation tools so this issue is top of mind for many lenders,” Holmes adds. “Those who purchase our verification services with coverage can rest assured that they are protected no matter where they submit loans including Fannie Mae.”

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