Credit Union Federation Appoints New CEO

Credit Union Federation Appoints New CEO Cathie Mahon has been named the new CEO of the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions.

Mahon previously served as the deputy commissioner for financial empowerment with the New York City Department for Consumer Affairs, where she established a network of Financial Empowerment Centers providing free one-on-one financial counseling to New Yorkers in need. Mahon, who previously served as the policy and program director for the federation, will assume the role of CEO on Oct. 1.

‘I have seen first-hand the benefits of connecting people to safe and affordable products and services from working with my previous organization,’ says Mahon. ‘Credit unions provide real alternatives to predatory lenders and fringe service providers. I look forward to working with the national federation to expand on the successes we have seen in communities across the country.’


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