CreditXpert Updates its What-If Simulator with New Functionality


CreditXpert Inc., a credit analysis and management solutions provider, recently updated its What-If Simulator – which gives loan originators the ability to forecast client credit scores after simulating the effects of various actions and changes, as well as general enhancements to the core software – with two new features.

With these updates, users can now display the date a creditor last reported each tradeline and collection account, allowing loan originators to better determine when to re-pull credit, the company reports in a release.

In addition, users can now simulate how a credit score would change if an authorized user credit card account is added, empowering loan originators to make an informed choice on how to proceed.

“These updates to CreditXpert What-If Simulator were a direct result of input we gathered from our ‘power user’ community,” explains Dave Chung, co-founder and managing director of CreditXpert Inc. “We’re happy to have such dedicated users who help us make our products even more robust, reliable and easy-to-use.”

“The new features for the CreditXpert What-If Simulator will help loan originators streamline their workflow,” adds Rosa Mumm, usability manager for CreditXpert. “Users have shared with us that the ability to see the date last reported could eliminate the need to do a rapid rescore on an account that will update soon.”

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