CU Solutions Group Partners with NestReady


CU Solutions Group (CUSG), a credit union service organization, is partnering with NestReady to give credit unions access to NestReady Solutions.

NestReady is a technology firm that uses integrated software platforms that bridge the gaps between consumers, mortgage lenders and real estate professionals. Essentially, its platform enables mortgage lenders to integrate the home shopping and mortgage process into a single, seamless consumer experience. 

Through this new partnership, CUSG gains the exclusive rights in the credit union association space to NestReady solutions.

As part of the agreement, CUSG is also investing in NestReady, and will expand and enhance the delivery of NestReady solutions to credit unions.

“It has long been CUSG’s mission to provide credit unions with solutions that enable them to better serve their members, especially at pivotal life decisions such as purchasing a home,” says Dave Adams, president and CEO of CU Solutions Group, in a press release. “In today’s changing market, credit unions are always looking for new and valuable resources to help their members. Our agreement with NestReady will connect credit unions with a partner that not only provides the online home search capability that members have come to expect, but also resources that simplifies the home buying process.”

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