CubiCasa Launches New Features for its Property Data Mapping  


CubiCasa, which offers interior property data mapping through smartphone scanning, has launched new features that extend the company’s products beyond floor plans.

From the same five-minute scan that CubiCasa’s worldwide user base is already familiar with, users can now generate detailed property data via The Home Report, and helpful imagery for property documentation purposes via Snapshots.

The Home Report provides automatically generated, unique property data details from a scan of a property to help give home buyers and sellers a comprehensive understanding of the home’s layout. The feature also simplifies MLS data entry with easy-to-copy room measurements and important property details. Additionally, it serves as a printable resource for open houses, enriching the buyer’s and seller’s experience with valuable insights into the property.

Snapshots allow users to take smartphone photos during the CubiCasa scanning process, enabling them to more efficiently document an interior space for buyer tours, Comparative Market Analysis (CMAs), and interior home inspections. Users can receive a detailed report pinpointing the exact location within the floor plan where each photo was taken, alongside access to all collected images.

“CubiCasa’s goal is not just to provide floor plans, but to revolutionize the real estate industry by making floor plans a standard feature on every listing, and enhancing the quality of data available to homebuyers,” says Jeff Allen, president of CubiCasa, in a release. “In developing these new products, we wanted to make it easier than ever for users to deliver more value to their clients. Whether it’s a photographer serving an agent, an inspector serving the buyer, or an agent serving the buyer or seller, we aim to fundamentally improve the way properties are presented and understood, one five-minute smartphone scan at a time.” 

The Home Report and Snapshots products are exclusively available through CubiCasa’s new “Plus” package, which includes additional benefits such as fixed furniture visualization on floor plans, custom styling options, logo uploading, custom disclaimer text, and more. This package is available at the same cost as the company’s previous add-on offerings, now enriched and bundled with more valuable features.

Cubicasa recently announced a major milestone, with its floor plans included on an estimated 15% of new listings in the U.S. The new products are designed to further expand that adoption and deliver additional value to CubiCasa’s existing customer base.

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