CUSO Home Lending’s Owner Credit Unions Using Dark Matter Empower LOS


CUSO Home Lending is making Dark Matter’s Empower LOS available to its credit union owners.

Headquartered in Hampden, Maine, CUSO Home Lending is a credit union service organization and licensed mortgage company owned by credit unions and the Maine Credit Union League. Four of its owner credit unions will use Empower to originate mortgage loans.

The credit unions will benefit from the system’s newly developed joint-venture feature, which enables CUSO members to offer individualized branding, products and pricing while taking advantage of the efficiency and cost savings of their shared services model.

“The shared services model is alive and well in the credit union space because it’s a smart strategy for maximizing efficiency, cost savings and scalability — the very same benefits Dark Matter’s Empower delivers for lenders of all kinds,” says Rich Gagliano, CEO of Dark matter, in a release. “We are proud to introduce expanded support for joint ventures that frees credit unions to offer customized member experiences while reaping all the benefits of the CUSO model. CUSO Home Lending is driving innovation as the first CUSO to implement this new feature set.”

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