DebtX Launches Next-Generation Platform For Loan Sales

DebtX has launched a new version of its cloud-based loan trading platform that will enable buyers and sellers to execute transactions faster and easier.

Among the enhancements are device and browser compatibility. Now, users can access the DebtX marketplace on smartphones and tablets running Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems, as well as all Web browsers, including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox.

The platform also sports a new user interface that has been designed to allow buyers to conduct due diligence in less time. Loan files can be accessed from asset summary pages, and properties can be located using Google maps.

In addition, to help buyers value a loan, DebtX’s new credit risk rating system for commercial real estate loans – DXScore – has been integrated into the inventory details, providing a quick way to view a loan’s total credit risk.

DebtX’s re-engineered platform also includes security upgrades, enhanced digital rights management and encryption, and software process improvements that result in quicker response times to end users.

“DebtX’s re-architected platform delivers one-click simplicity and complete flexibility to access the world’s most liquid marketplace for commercial and residential loans,” says Kingsley Greenland, CEO of DebtX, in a release. “Every major function has been made simpler and easier in DebtX 7, from bidding and due diligence to loan valuations and property searches.”

“This is DebtX’s most significant technology upgrade in the company’s 16-year history,” says Kevin Jarnot, chief technology officer for DebtX. “Everything about the platform is better, and we have our users to thank. Many of the functional improvements were the result of their thoughtful feedback and suggestions.”


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