Del Mar DataTrac Adds 19 New Customers In Four Months

Del Mar DataTrac Inc. says it added 19 new customers during a four-month period spanning November 2008 to February 2009.

Del Mar DataTrac has added a total of 56 new clients since February 2008. This growth includes an increasing number of retail banks and credit unions. Additionally, the company has seen substantial growth in sales of additional products to existing customers looking to improve customer service and efficiency across all areas of operations.

"Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to technology is vital to Essex Mortgage," says Roland Weedon, owner of Orange, Calif.-based Essex Mortgage, a longtime Del Mar DataTrac client that recently purchased the company's electronic document management system and origination portal. "We decided to expand our usage of Del Mar DataTrac's technology to include DocumentTrac and WebTrac in order to stay in line with where the mortgage industry is headed. DocumentTrac will allow us to turn our warehouse lines faster, greatly reduce office clutter, and save considerable amounts of time and money on storage and shipping costs. WebTrac will enable us to provide better customer service by giving lenders the ability to view loan status online."

SOURCE: Del Mar DataTrac


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