D+H Launches New Functionality For LaserPro Lending Solutions

DH Corp. (D+H), a global provider of technology solutions to financial institutions, has launched its new commercial origination and processing functionality for LaserPro lending solutions. According to D+H, the new enhancement reduces the preparation time needed for lenders to originate and process a commercial lending transaction, offering an integrated, repeatable and transparent approach to commercial lending origination.

LaserPro Commercial Origination & Processing gives users a more streamlined platform for loan origination and processing while also maintaining document compliance, ensuring that loan officers, loan assistants and underwriters spend more time generating new loans and less time on manual processes. LaserPro Commercial Origination & Processing also provides a visible completion path for commercial lenders, providing end users with a consistent workflow for each step along the lending process and the ability to see which tasks are still outstanding.

“LaserPro Commercial Origination & Processing provides users with a clear picture of their commercial lending business – at the loan officer level, branch level or across the whole organization – with built-in controls and user rights for every end user,” says Mitch Lucas, vice president of product management and legal compliance at D+H.

LaserPro Commercial Origination & Processing offers a host of new functionalities, including the following:

  • Built-in vendor services: Users can tap built-in consumer and commercial credit reporting, as well as business vendor services, including flood-map verification services;
  • Core integration: Users can import information directly from core systems with LaserPro core connectivity to quickly access client data;
  • Customer lending profile: Users can create a centralized storehouse for important client data to quickly respond to new loan requests;
  • Pipeline reporting: Users can see where individual loans are in their processing pipeline and create custom reporting statuses or milestones based on their organizational workflow; and
  • Task manager: Users can create custom work tasks or group work items for loans based on collateral types, customers or loan purposes.


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