D+H Re-Brands HFS, Mortgagebot And Compushare To D+H

Davis + Henderson Corp. – also known as D+H – has re-branded its legacy Harland Financial Solutions (HFS), Mortgagebot and Compushare brands to D+H.

D+H acquired HFS in July 2013, Compushare in January 2013 and Mortgagebot in March 2011 – however, it initially kept those brands intact.

Now the company is bringing those organizations deeper into the fold of its operations – all will operate under a single brand in North America and globally – however, they will continue to use their existing product names.

‘Officially extending our entire offering into the U.S. under one brand is proof of our long-term commitment to serving banks, credit unions and other financial institutions,’ says Gerrard Schmid, CEO of D+H, in a press release.

The release states that the re-branding is ‘the next step in D+H's continuing evolution as a financial technology leader.’ It will take place in stages over the next eight months, starting with the U.S. As an initial step, the company has introduced new branding visuals and launched a new website.

‘By moving to a unified brand, we are better able to communicate and give meaning to D+H's value and highlight our strengths and differentiators to the market,’ says Carrie Russell, chief marketing officer for D+H. ‘As we continue to grow our operations, it is critical that clients, employees and the industry understand who D+H is, what we offer, how we work and partner with financial institutions, and their connection to our company. The connection is clearer and simpler to understand when we work as a unified brand, and this approach will bring greater benefits to our clients.’


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