Digital Mortgage Marketplace Simplist Has Launched


A new digital mortgage marketplace has launched.

Simplist is a new platform that delivers mortgage options as unique as today’s workforce.

The company is now serving prospective homebuyers in Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Colorado.

Simplist says its platform is designed to serve people with all kinds of backgrounds and career paths, including borrowers whose financial profiles might be considered more complex – such as freelancers, entrepreneurs or lottery winners.

As per a 2018 study, there are about 56.7 million independent workers in the U.S.

“Emerging demographic trends and technological advances are changing the face of the job market, and the way that consumers interact with businesses,” says Anthony Sherman, CEO at Simplist, in a release. “However, the mortgage industry has proven slow to respond to the needs of today’s customers or build adequate models to evaluate their creditworthiness. 

“At Simplist, we believe in facilitating access to quality financing options that are as innovative as our customers,” he adds.

Through seamless integrations with trusted fintech partners and credit reporting agencies, as well as use of proprietary technology, Simplist is able to quickly and securely verify most applicants’ financial information, determining their eligibility for loans within minutes.

This process aims to reduce the time, cost and paperwork required to procure a loan, which often translates into cost savings for the consumer.

Users need only enter their information once, and may be matched with competitive rates from a list of trusted lenders that spans national brands such as Quicken Loans and loanDepot, as well as established regional and local banks that serve borrowers with more complex financial profiles.

At launch, Simplist has raised $3.6 million in seed capital and is working with 25 lending partners.

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