DLS Leverages Asurity Software to Help Mortgage Servicers with Loss Mitigation


Asurity Technologies LLC’s Asurity Mortgage Group (AMG) digital compliance software has been deployed by DLS Servicing Consultants LLC, a mortgage and default servicing company, to deliver mortgage loan servicing capabilities to mortgage servicers DLS supports.

DLS maximizes the return on delinquent and defaulted loans by providing expert services and using its proprietary system, WaterfallCalc.com, to conduct loss mitigation reviews, as well as to support short sale, deed-in-lieu negotiations, default servicing consulting and training.

DLS leverages Asurity’s advanced loan document technology to produce compliant loan modification and partial claims document packages, as well as the expertise offered by AMG’s dedicated services team to track the receipt and review of a borrower’s executed documents, coordinate counterparty signatures, record, and deliver fully executed and recorded documents to appropriate counterparties. The combined offering delivers more efficient loan processing and fewer risky loans, which results in more serviceable and saleable loans.

“Loss mitigation involves a series of complex steps with specific technical, process, and document requirements,” says Ken Mezger, director of operations and leader of the services team at AMG. “Leveraging our automated compliance technology and our team’s extensive years of deep mortgage and process expertise, Asurity is excited to support DLS in assisting mortgage servicers to minimize losses, to scale operations to meet volume demand, to control costs, and to expedite the loss mitigation process.”

“Asurity’s ability to quickly deploy document software and expert services which complement our capabilities have allowed us to more seamlessly take on loss mitigation work for large lenders, while providing the excellent compliance and operational efficiency that our customers have come to expect,” adds Donna Schmidt, managing director of DLS Servicing Consultants and co-founder of WaterfallCalc.com. “Together, we can help servicers extend their operations to process large backlogs of distressed assets with our outsourced services, saving the time and money to build internal operations while providing compliance and assurance throughout the process.”

Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash

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