Docutech’s ConformX Now Bundled with Black Knight’s Empower LOS


Docutech’s ConformX document generation engine is now bundled with Black Knight’s suite of origination solutions, including Black Knight’s Empower Now! loan origination system (LOS), as per an agreement between the companies.

The combined offering not only further optimizes the loan process for customers and providers, but helps mortgage lenders eliminate the time and resources needed to search for and contract with a separate loan document provider.

In a release, Amy Brandt, president and CEO of Docutech, says the implementation results in a “faster, more efficient data integration and document exchange to enhance a seamless, secure onboarding process.”

Through this integration, lenders can now generate dynamic loan documents, auto-populated from data stored in Empower.

Using rules-based intelligence and pre-configured automation capabilities, data is imported and systematically populated on the required documents generated by the lender to streamline onboarding.

The Empower Now! implementation model is designed to allow lenders to benefit from the capabilities of the Empower LOS, but with a 50% reduction in implementation time, resulting in faster timelines and lower implementation costs.

Additionally, the Empower LOS scales to support business growth, so lenders can remain on the same origination system as their loan volumes increase.

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