Dovenmuehle Mortgage Adds New Features to Improve Transparency and Communication 


Mortgage subservicing company Dovenmuehle Mortgage has released two new features that provide transparency and improve communication through the company’s borrower-facing web and mobile applications.

With the new Loss Draft Notifications feature, borrowers with pending loss draft claims receive in-app notifications for each claim filed and can access basic information on their claim, as well as updates on individual disbursements for each claim.

On the client side, the Loss Draft Notification feature ensures lenders stay current on their borrowers’ loss draft claims through timely status updates on outstanding loss draft claims. Because all claim details are organized and stored within Loan Profile, lenders can easily track all disbursements for individual borrower claims.

Dovenmuehle’s Secure Messaging feature offers borrowers a secure messaging portal within the self-serve application to connect directly with representatives and resolve their inquiries efficiently and securely. This user-friendly messaging system facilitates fast interactions, storing all conversations safely in one place.

Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), the system automatically routes requests directly to the applicable operational departments. Secure messaging is fully integrated with Dovenmuehle’s Loan Service Desk, allowing lenders to track the fast resolution of borrower inquiries and requests with Dovenmuehle’s internal teams.

Loan Service Desk also allows lenders to send direct messages by category and upload supporting documentation to route borrower inquiries to the appropriate party through AI decisioning. Lenders also receive notifications and can reply quickly to the assigned DMI representative to continue the conversation and provide detailed information, with all messages and attachments archived in the application for easy retrieval and tracking.

“We believe in making every step clear and straightforward for our customers while also adhering to the highest standards of compliance,” says George Mynatt, senior vice president of IT for Dovenmuehle Mortgage, in a release. “Our latest release, featuring the integration of the Loss Draft Notification and Secure Messaging system, showcases our dedication to this belief. It’s not just about meeting regulations; it’s about elevating the customer experience. These new features are designed to streamline how we track insurance claims, ensuring that our customers have a seamless and transparent journey with us every step of the way.”

Photo: Joshua Sortino

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