Ellie Mae Adds New Functionality to Loan Officer Connect


Ellie Mae has added new functionality to its Encompass Loan Officer Connect solution, which gives loan officers secure, real-time access to Encompass – anytime, anywhere – from any device.

Ellie Mae claims Loan Officer Connect features the highest level of data access. It comes with built-in security and is configurable to meet each loan officer’s unique needs.

With Loan Officer Connect’s new functionality, LOs can convert leads into loans by instantly providing a potential borrower with loan scenarios that match their needs, leveraging the Scenarios Comparison tool.

LOs can also view incomplete applications from Encompass Consumer Connect and convert them into loans.

The solution also enables LOs to manage their pipelines, view and edit loan files, and see details throughout the entire loan lifecycle.

Loan Officer Connect also allows LOs to request e-consent and e-sign loan documents.

LOs can price loan and lock loans with the Encompass Product & Pricing Service or with Optimal Blue.

In addition, LOs can access a services landing page where they can order and manage services including product and pricing, credit and automated underwriting all in one place.

“In today’s competitive mortgage market, service is the key differentiator and we know that a loan officer’s ability to stay engaged is critical to their success,” says Jonathan Corr, president and CEO of Ellie Mae, in a release. “They have to follow up on every lead and take advantage of every opportunity all while responding to the unique needs of each homebuyer. With Loan Officer Connect, we are giving loan officers access to Encompass anytime, anywhere from any device at no additional cost. It means more closed loans, more productivity and happy homebuyers.”

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