Ellie Mae Falls To DDoS Attack

Loan origination system provider Ellie Mae reports that recent network outages that made its Web-based Encompass software unavailable to users may have been the result of a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.

In a press release, the company says it has a forensics team investigating the cause of the network outage that hit Tuesday and that it is working to restore full functionality.

Company officials say there is no evidence of any data breach and confirmed that client data and personal borrower data remain secure.

During the outage, originators using the system were reportedly unable to process loans, as the network services couldn't be delivered to end users. Originators could, however, use the client-side software on their local networks to work on loans that were already on-boarded.

‘We recognize the critical role our services play in enabling our clients to serve their customers and deeply regret the inconvenience and delays they are experiencing,’ says Sig Anderman, founder and CEO of Ellie Mae, in a release. ‘The performance and security of our platform is our number-one priority. We are doing everything within our power to restore full operations as soon as possible.’

Ellie Mae's Encompass platform handles about 20% of all mortgage transactions in the U.S.

Ellie Mae is providing regular updates to its clients at elliemae.com/network-status.


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