Ellie Mae Rolls Out ‘Point of Thought’ Solution to Help Mortgage Lenders Convert


To help mortgage lenders win more business in the current purchase market, Ellie Mae has introduced a new point of sale solution that incorporates lead generation capabilities.

The new Encompass Consumer Connect solution is part of Ellie Mae’s Consumer Engagement Suite of solutions. It includes Velocify by Ellie Mae, a lead generation and sales management platform, as well as Encompass CRM and Encompass Direct Mail to help lenders deliver an online mortgage experience that “goes beyond a mere online application.”

The new solution, which is free for Encompass subscribers, is fully customizable and is offered on a white label basis, allowing lenders to emblazon it with their branding.

With it, lenders can deliver a secure, customized Web experience where borrowers can research rates and loan options; fill out a simple, conversational style loan application; securely upload documents; and receive real-time status updates from the device of their choice, the company says in a release.

The solution also provides lenders with improved workflow and the ability to integrate easily with automated services such as credit, product and pricing, and asset verification.

“With Encompass Consumer Connect, Ellie Mae has created a transparent and efficient workflow, where the amount of change we have to introduce to our operations staff is minimal, but we save time and get a huge lift in our customer experience,” says Andria Lightfoot, senior vice president, information systems, at George Mason Mortgage, in the release. “The real icing on the cake is that Ellie Mae understands that we want to uniquely brand and design this experience for our customers – we don’t just want to buy something off the shelf and look like everything else. We can customize almost every aspect of the platform.”

“We wanted to give our customers the ability to interact with us the way they wanted to interact with us,” says Brandon Durham, product support manager, Homeowners Financial Group. “With Encompass Consumer Connect, if they want to sit in a coffee shop and apply online, or upload documents from their phone, we wanted to give them that option. If they want to sit across the desk and have someone personally guide them through every step, they could do that too. Encompass Consumer Connect lets us utilize an interview-style application with icons and pictures. It’s very user friendly, written in everyday language.”

“For lenders to effectively compete in today’s purchase-driven market, they need to be equipped to successfully reach the homebuyer at the point of thought,” adds Joe Tyrrell, executive vice president of corporate strategy for Ellie Mae. “Encompass Consumer Connect offers an engaging online consumer experience for lenders to turn a consumer’s interest into a quality application that can be closed faster with complete transparency and compliance. Built-in analytics ensures every application is met with a customized and personal experience, and when Encompass Consumer Connect is coupled with our Encompass CRM marketing automation and Velocify sales automation solutions, lenders have the assurance that their consumers are engaged throughout every step of the loan origination process and that no borrower is left behind.”

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