Ellie Mae System Now Includes LoanSifter PPE

fter, a provider of Web-based product and pricing tools, has integrated its namesake product and pricing engine (PPE) into Ginnie Mae's Encompass Mortgage Management Solution's Banker Edition, the companies say. With this integration, Encompass Banker Edition users can now automatically transfer data from the borrower's application directly into the LoanSifter system and access pricing, product and guideline information. The new one-click access from within Encompass Banker allows users to see the most pertinent product and pricing information for a particular set of parameters without having to toggle between screens, the companies say. "In this market, originators are always looking for ways to secure more and better transactions," says Bruce Backer, president of LoanSifter. "They understand that this single-click access translates to higher accuracy and immediate answers – two factors that can make the difference in converting a prospect to a customer, particularly when giving answers to a live customer on the phone or in your office." In addition to providing product and pricing information for secondary managers and lock desk staff, LoanSifter provides business-enhancing capabilities designed specifically for use in the prospecting and marketing stages of the business cycle. The system's auto-pricing functions can be used with customer-facing Web portals, such as Zillow and LendingTree. "At Ellie Mae, the benefits of configurability underscore much of the way we service our customers," says Jonathan Corr, chief strategy officer for Ellie Mae. "The integration between Encompass Banker Edition and LoanSifter gives our users one more way to tailor their business processes." SOURCES: Ellie Mae, Loa


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