Ellie Mae Teams With Mortgage Power Network

Ellie Mae, a provider of software and services for the mortgage industry, has partnered with Mortgage Power Network (MPN), a provider of information and tools specifically designed to help mortgage originators increase their market share as well as their bottom line profits.

This partnership enables the 150,000-plus users of Ellie Mae's Encompass Mortgage Management Solution to access the MPN with one click, right from within their Encompass systems, the companies say.

MPN features ready-to-launch marketing campaigns; Encompass training videos, manuals and resources with step-by-step tutorials; advice on how to profitably use YouTube, MySpace and other Internet tools; downloadable customer letters and templates; strategy-building conference calls, webinars and forum groups; advice and opinions from proven industry experts; video market updates; and important news originators can use.

‘Mortgage Power Network is like having an instruction manual for virtually every facet of the mortgage industry – from specific software technologies to specific marketing campaigns,’ explains Chip Cummings, founder of MPN. ‘We offer a one-stop shop for the tools and information originators need to succeed.’

Sources: Ellie Mae, Mortgage Power Network


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